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KKU jet ventilator and coaxial circle circuit

เครื่องช่วยหายใจแบบ KKU jet ventilator and coaxial circle circuit

S Theerapongpakdee (สรรชัย ธีรพงศ์ภักดี) 1, W Tantanatewin (วัฒนา ตันทนะเทวินทร์) 2, C Sangiumpornpanich (ชาญณรงค์ เสงี่ยมพรพาณิชย์) 3, Warunee Poomisambun (วารุณี ภูมิสัมบรรณ) 4

The clinical study of newly developed coaxial circle circuit and local-made electronic jet ventilator was done in 20 ASA class I-II patients at Srinagarind Hospital. Oxygen jet was introduced into the coaxial circle circuit via the Hi-Lo Jet endotracheal tube, accompanied by nitrous oxide at 3 lpm from the anaesthetic machine with the expiratory valve open free. The patients were kept in anesthetized state by ketamine infusion after standard induction, and paralyzed by pancuronium. Arterial blood gases from radial artery were studied after 20-30 minutes of anaesthesia. The result was proved to be within the normal clinical range. The system may be advantageous for the peripheral anesthetic service with this appropriate technology at low cost. Keyword : Circuit, coaxial circle Ventilator, KKU jet. . . . Full text.
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